Razox Active Zinc Oxide

Rashayan Active Zinc Oxide (RAZOX) is produced from reaction of zinc ash with alkali using wet (precipitation) process. Due to precipitation method, the product has a very high surface area (about 30-50 m2/gram) and finer particle size.


RAZOX is a compound containing Zinc Oxide, Zinc Bi-Carbonate, Zinc Hydroxide and Zinc Carbonate. Chemical Formula of Rashayan Active Zinc Oxide is ZnO.Zn(HCO3)2.Zn(OH)2.ZnCO3


In rubber industries, RAZOX serves as an activator and accelerator during vulcanization. As activator, it provides free radical electron to sulfur molecule. As accelerator, it makes sulfur molecule change from unsaturated bonding to saturated bonding molecule, which improves rubber tensile strength.


Although Zn content in RAZOX is less than Zn content in French Process ZnO, still RAZOX is more suitable than French Process ZnO, because it has another molecule bonding such as Zn(OH)2 and contains more free radical electrons, so it has more “power” to make sulfur perform as better accelerator.


RAZOX is highly recommended for thin rubber applications like bicycle tyres, motorcycle tyres, light motor vehicle tyres, tubes, condoms, gloves etc. RAZOX is not advantageous for thick rubber applications like tractor tyres, truck tyres etc. Because Zn(OH)2 in RAZOX decomposes to ZnO and H2O, and the water trap in thick rubber compound is difficult to get out. But in thin rubber compounds the water will vaporize during compounding process. (Rubber compounding heat process = 135 - 175°C).  RAZOX is also highly recommended in transparent and semi transparent rubber applications. Another major application of RAZOX is in animal feeds as a source of Zinc.

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