Our  major  products   are  metallic  stearates  (metal  soaps),  metallic

          oxides and  PVC  stabilizers  & lubricants.  These products are classified

          in three core brands LUBIMAX, STABIMAX and RASHAYAN.They are

          further  classified  into  numerous  grades and  sub-brands  as per their

          quality  parameters  and  application  properties.


          These products find extensive use in rubber, plastics, paints, cosmetics,

          pharmaceuticals and lubricants industries to name a few. 




Lubimax Calcium Stearate
Lubimax Zinc Stearate
Rashayan Aluminium Stearate

Rashayan Barium Stearate

Rashayan Cadmium Stearate

Rashayan Magnesium Stearate

Rashayan Sodium Stearate

Rashayan Potassium Stearate

            Razox Active Zinc Oxide

Stabimax Lead Stearate

Stabimax Lead Stearate Di Basic

Stabimax Lead Sulphate Tri Basic

Stabimax Single Pack PVC Stabilisers