Mittal Dhatu Rashayan Udyog    is  one  of  the  oldest  and largest

          producer  and  exporter  of  Metallic Oxides  and  Stearates in India.

          Established  in  1978 ,   the   company   has  continuously  adopted

          latest process technologies to strengthen it's position as the market

          leader   in  Metallic  Stearates.  The   company  introduced  Metallic

          Stearates to Indian market.


          The company has diverse state of art  production  lines for different

          items and  company  uses  several different types of manufacturing

          processes  to   produce  the  Metallic  Stearates  as  per  required

          specifications. (See manufacturing processes for more information).


          Strictest quality standards are maintained at the company production

          facilities as per our Quality Policy (See our quality  policy). The company

          has  also got ISO 9000 certification from URS - UKAS, UK.


           At Mittal Dhatu Rashayan Udyog, we believe that there  is no end

           to  improving  process and quality. We are continuously  striving to

           improvise quality  excellence and cost efficiency.        


          Extensive  R&D  investments have helped the company become a

          prominent  name in the field of Metallic Stearates and  the company

          is  committed  to  it's  ultimate  motto  of customer  satisfaction.  The

          company  has  customized it's product to the need of it's customers

          by  adopting different  production technologies and employing high

          technical expertise.


          Our  major  products  are  metallic  stearates (metal soaps), metallic

          oxides  and   PVC   stabilizers  &   lubricants.  These  products  are

          classified   in   three   core   brands   by  the  company;  LUBIMAX,

          STABIMAX   and   RASHAYAN.   They   are   further  classified  into

          numerous  grades  and  sub-brands as per their  quality parameters

          and  application  properties.  These  products  find extensive use in

          rubber,  plastics,  paints, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and lubricants

          industries  to  name  a  few.  We are using only vegetable base raw

          materials for our products.


          The  company  has  also  responded  whole  heartedly to it's social

          responsibilities and duties. Environmental Policy is already in place

          and  is  fully functional. Excellent  working atmosphere and hygiene

          is  maintained  at  company  production  facilities.   Various   labour

          welfare  programmes  are  organised periodically  and the relations

          between board and staff have been excellent.