-:Manufacturing Processes of Metallic Stearates:-


          At Mittal Dhatu Rashayan Udyog, we  manufacture Metallic Stearates

          employing several  processes, according to end use requirement of 

          products and their specific properties. We  use  quality  raw materials

          which suit to the specific requirement of each  manufacturing process.


          (1) Precipitation Process:

          Stearic Acid is heated to melt in excess of water and saponified with

          equimolar quantity of strong alkali solution  ( KOH, NaOH etc) to give

          a  water  soluble soap ( Potassium/Sodium Stearate) and water. This

          mix   is   then   reacted  with  desired  product's  metal  salt  solution

          (Calcium  Chloride  /  Aluminium  Sulphate  etc. )  to  obtain  desired

          stearate and a water soluble salt.

          2C17H35COOH     +   2KOH    ——►    2C17H35COO-K+      +  2H2O

          2C17H35COO-K+  +   X2+2Y-   ——►    (C17H35COO-)2X2+    +  2KY

          (Y = Cl- , ½SO42-  etc.)


          (2) Direct Process :

          Stearic Acid is directly reacted to desired product's metal salt with or

          without  presence of catalyst under pressure and high temperature to

          give desired stearate without any byproduct. Resultant is high quality

          product with fewer impurities.

          2C17H35COOH   +   X2+2Y-   ——►    (C17H35COO-)2X2+    +  2H+2Y-

          (Y = OH- , ½O2-  etc.)


          (3) Fusion Process :

          Stearic Acid  is  directly   heated   with   desired product's metal salt

          (Oxide  or  Hydroxide)  beyond the melting point of desired stearate

          under  continuous   agitation  to  give  desired  stearate  without  any

          byproduct.  Resultant  is  high  quality  product  with fewer impurities.

          Reaction is similar to direct process.