Product  LUBIMAX CS (Calcium Stearate)


          Name :                      Calcium Stearate , Calcium Octadecanoate

          Mol Formula :            (C17H35COO)2Ca

          Mol. Weight :             607

          CAS Registry No. :    1592-23-0

          Merck Index No.:       1750 (12tn Edition)

          Beilstein Reference :  4-02-00-01206


          Calcium (Di) Stearate  is  a  calcium  soap  that  is  insoluble in water;

          ether ; chloroform ; acetone ; cold  alcohol ,  slightly  soluble  in  hot

          alcohol ; hot  vegetable  & mineral  oils, quite soluble in hot pyridine.

          Calcium Stearate is  produced  by Mittal Dhatu Rashayan Udyog  at

          it's most modern manufacturing  facility   and   strict  quality standards

          are maintained.


          Calcium Stearate produced by us  is available  in  fine  white  powder

          form and is produced in several grades according  to end application

          requirement. A special grade CEMPROTECT is  available for cement

          paint manufacturers, likewise , many different grades with varying bulk

          density  from 120 gm/ltr  to  500 gm/ltr are available with other varying

          parameters   according  to  application   specific  requirement.  Other

          available   grades  are  Lubimax  CS H-NRMLLubimax  CS H-SPL,

          Lubimax CS NRML, Lubimax CS SPL and Concrete grade. 


          Lubimax CS  (Calcium Stearate)    is    highly    recommended    as

          stabiliser for PVC resins, lubricant (release agent) for plastic  molding

          powders and tablets, emulsions, cements , pencils, for waterproofing

          NG  base  explosives ;  fabrics ;  cements  &  cement  paints ;mortar

          admixtures.Construction chemicals, flatting agent in paints ;cosmetics.

          As  lubricating agent in paper & paperboard coating compositions. In

          resin  coated sands & foundry chemicals, in decaking food items like

          onions. As neutraliser ; color stabiliser ; fiber breakage reducer ; and

          de-agglomeration agent in PP and HDPE applications. 


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