Product  RASHAYAN AS (Aluminium Stearate)


          Name :                      Aluminium Stearate , Aluminium Tri Stearate

          Mol Formula :            (C17H35COO)3Al

          Mol. Weight :             877

          CAS Registry No. :    637-12-7

          Merck Index No.:       379 (12tn Edition)

          Beilstein Reference : 4-02-00-01206


          Aluminium (Tri) Stearate is an aluminium soap that is insoluble in water,

          and soluble in alcohol; benzene; turpentine oil,mineral oils. Aluminium

          Stearate  is  produced  by Mittal Dhatu Rashayan Udyog at  it's most

          modern   manufacturing   facility   and   strict   quality   standards   are



          Aluminium Stearate produced by us  is available in fine white powder

          form and  is  produced in three grades Ultra Gel, High Gel & Non Gel.


          Rashayan  AS (Aluminium  Stearate)   is  highly  recommended   as

          antifoulant  in  refinery  tubes  and  equipments , as drier in paints and

          varnish , thickening   lubricating  oils ,  grease ,  waterproofing fabrics,

          ropes , in  cements , in  high  sensitive  photographic  compositions ,

          cement  additive , cutting  compounds ,  flatting  agent , cosmetics  &

          pharmaceuticals , defoaming agent in beet sugar & yeast processing,

          fire extinguishers etc. 

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