Product  LUBIMAX ZS (Zinc Stearate)


          Name :                      Zinc Stearate , Zinc Octadecanoate

          Mol Formula :            (C17H35COO)2Zn

          Mol. Weight :             632

          CAS Registry No. :     557-05-1

          Merck Index No.:       10292 (12tn Edition)

          Beilstein Reference :  4-02-00-01206


          Zinc  (Di)  Stearate  is  a  zinc soap  that   repels  water ,  insoluble  in

          alcohol ; ether , soluble  in  benzene. Zinc Stearate  is  produced  by

          Mittal Dhatu Rashayan Udyog  at   it's  most  modern   manufacturing

          facility and strict quality standards are observed. 


          Zinc Stearate  produced  by  us  is  available in  free flowing granular

          and   fine  white  powder  form  and  is  produced  in  several   grades

          according to end application requirements. A premium TCG grade with

          HIGH   HEAT   STABILITY   and   MOLTEN   CLARITY   is  available

          for   polystyrene , sheet  molding  compound (SMC/DMC)  FRP   and

          masterbatch   manufacturing    industries.  Likewise  ,  many  different

          grades   with  varying  bulk density   from 110 gm/ltr  to  400 gm/ltr are

          available   with  other  varying  parameters   according  to  application

          specific requirements. Available   grades  are  Lubimax  ZS H-NRML,

          Lubimax   ZS H-SPL      Lubimax  ZS NRML    Lubimax  ZS SPL  

          Lubimax  ZS SSPL  and  LUBIMAX ZS TCG.


          Lubimax ZS (Zinc Stearate)    is    highly   recommended   as  drying

          lubricant  &  dusting agent for rubber. In cosmetics (Talcum powders),

          ointments & pharmaceutical powders . As plastic mold release agent,

          As   waterproofing  agent  for  concrete;  rock wool ;  paper ;  cement

          paints , textiles.  In PVC / HDPE / LD masterbatches.  As  flatting  and

          sanding  agent in lacquers. In tablet manufacturing etc.



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