Product  STABIMAX LS (Lead Stearate)


          Name :                      Lead Stearate , Lead (II) Stearate

          Mol Formula :            (C17H35COO)2Pb

          Mol. Weight :             774

          CAS Registry No. :     7428-48-0, 1072-35-1

          Merck Index No.:       5442 (12tn Edition)

          Beilstein Reference :  4-02-00-01206


          Lead (Di) Stearate is  a Lead soap that is insoluble in water & soluble

          in hot alcohol. Lead Stearate is produced by Mittal Dhatu Rashayan

          Udyog  at  it's most  modern  manufacturing  facility  and  strict quality

          standards are observed. 


          Lead Stearate is available in fine white powder form. We manufacture

          Lead Stearate  and  other  PVC  Stabilisers  in a separate production

          line using environment friendly Spray Drying technology. This  gives

          high quality free flowing uniform mesh size product, which is the main

          requirement of PVC and allied industries.


          Stabimax LS (Lead Stearate)  is   highly   recommended as  internal

          lubricant & stabilizer in PVC formulation. As drier in varnish; lacquer &

          paints. In  extreme pressure lubricants. Stabilizer  for  vinyl  polymers

          (with  D.B.L.S. &  T.B.L.S.).  As  corrosion  inhibitor for petroleum. As

          a  component  in  greases ;  waxes  and   paints.  In  PVC   extruded;

          calendered and molded articles. In cable compounds etc.



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